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  Simple Villa Design With Minimalist Look.

Diy Decorating Concept, Small Desk Space In The Bedroom:
Diy Decorating Concept, Villa In Hovas At Night: Diy Decorating Concept, Small Desk Space In The Bedroom: Diy Decorating Concept, Dining Area That Stays Visually Connected With The Backyard:

When you take a look at the first picture in this article, you will see the nice living room of this villa. This living room is very bright with the glass door and glass wall. There is a stone fireplace with the modern design in this living room. To enhance the warm look of this living room, the designer tends to put a beige textured rug in this living room…

  Resurrecting The Glory Of Hanging Chair

Interior Concept, Rattan Hanging Chair:
Interior Concept, Hanging Chair: Interior Concept, Hanging Chair In Modern Style: Interior Concept, Bubble Hanging Chair: Interior Concept, Modern Hanging Chair With Tail Light: Interior Concept, Hanging Chair For Kids Room: Interior Concept, Hanging Chair For Modern Design:


  Stunning Kids Lighting Stimulate Creativity

Lighting Ideas Concept, E.T.A. Lamp By Kundalini:
Lighting Ideas Concept, E.T.A. Lamp By Kundalini: Lighting Ideas Concept, AJ By Louis Poulsen: Lighting Ideas Concept, Pedrera PD2 By Gubi:

Furthermore, glossy purple galaxy pendant lamp seems right for girl’s room since it can be lighten up the feminine energy where it could be matched with solid bedroom wallpaper such as dark or even bright palette like broken white colour…

  Unique Lamp Shade Ideas For Creating Charming Room.

Then, there are some pictures with cheerful performances. The kid bedroom for example, this room applies many colors into one. The red sofa, colorful carpet and many more appears in this room. So, the best lamp for this room is colorful lamp shade such as orange glass lamp shade, red glass lamp shade, and many bright lamp shade colors. For increasing the elegant atmosphere in the family room, the dark blue glass bowl lampshade becomes perfect choice to that room…

  Fascinating Reflection In Your Wall With The Mirror Decorations.

Interior Concept, White Geometric Cane Mirror:
Interior Concept, Square Hanging Wall Mirrors In Red Room: Interior Concept, White Geometric Cane Mirror: Interior Concept, Decorative Leaf Wall Mirror Upside The Fire Pit: Interior Concept, Modern Mirror And Shoe Closet:

Mirror or glass is a favorite material for the world of interior design. beside to giving the effect of expanding space, it became more viscous modern impression. There are two types of glass that you should know, they are transparent glass and reflection glass. transparent glass is a material that is commonly used on windows or doors. While reflection glass is glass material that can reflect something that is in front of it. But this time we will discuss about the reflection glass as wall hangings are also multifunctional features…

  Sophisticated Minimalist Home By Applying Awesome Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Decoration Concept, Unique Bathroom With Different Textures 728x409:
Bathroom Decoration Concept, Bright Accent Hue For Modern Bathroom1 728x409: Bathroom Decoration Concept, Classic Cabinet With Oak Finish 728x409: Bathroom Decoration Concept, Minimal And Simple Bathroom Design 728x409: Bathroom Decoration Concept, Modern Bathroom With Baltic Blue Cabinet 728x409: Bathroom Decoration Concept, White Cabinet With Curved Washbasin 728x409: Bathroom Decoration Concept, Minimalist Bathroom With Lacquered Cabinet 728x409:

We have to thank to The sculptural aesthetic that offer us the amazing design, that is freestanding bathtub which makes quite a beautiful splash. Besides it is more trendy and more elegant designs, also bring A sense of refinement and luxury along with them…


FIREPLACE Concept, Wonderful Fireplace Manrtels Ideas Design:
FIREPLACE Concept, Beautiful Fireplace With White Brick Design: FIREPLACE Concept, Vintage Fireplace Mantels Design: FIREPLACE Concept, Chic Fireplace Mantels Design: FIREPLACE Concept, Wonderful Fireplace Manrtels Ideas Design: FIREPLACE Concept, Marvelous Traditional Fireplace Mantels Design: FIREPLACE Concept, Fabulous Fireplace Mantel With Wooden Design:

Nowadays, fireplace mantel plays an important role in upgrading the appearance of the house. The mantel which can be used as a shelf somehow provides its different charm to beautify the room. Many different kinds of fireplace mantel are available so the homeowners can choose which one that is suitable with the interior. One of the common choice for fireplace mantel is traditional one which gives the antique and classic look for the room.
How to Choose Right Fireplace Mantel
Before talking about the traditional fireplace mantel, make sure you know several points need to be considered when choosing a fireplace mantel. As mentioned before, a mantel can be used for decorative places such as candles, vase, clocks and many other things; so make sure you define its function before choosing the model. If you like reading books, a fireplace mantel with a sturdy base to place many books. In other words, you need to have thicker material for fireplace mantel that can accommodate your belongings.
Moreover, you need to consider about its materials and its finishing touch. You can match the materials with the interior design and the furniture. If you are able to get a proper color combination, a fireplace mantel can affect the atmosphere inside.
Traditional Fireplace Mantel
Traditional accent in fireplace mantel is expected to bring warm and nostalgic feeling to the room. One common design for traditional fireplace mantel is applying white brick on its mantel. Commonly, neutral color will be combined with other colorful furniture so the balance in terms of color can be achieved.
Another popular traditional design for fireplace mantel is vintage. It applies dark wooden mantel with dark ceramic accent at the below. Natural color coming from wood can also be used as a theme point in the room. Giving a stone accent on the beige mantel means you combine the modern and classic ideas at once…

  Fashioning Your Table With Easy DIY Ideas

Diy Decorating Concept, 6 DIY Table With Pop Color For Pin Legs:
Diy Decorating Concept, 6 DIY Table With Pop Color For Pin Legs: Diy Decorating Concept, 5 Painted Wooden Sawhorses DIY Table By Lonny: Diy Decorating Concept, 3 Epic Wood Iron Table DIY: Diy Decorating Concept, 4 Modern Sawhorse Style DIY Table: Diy Decorating Concept, 1 Gorgous Diy Table Ikea Runner By Remodelista: Diy Decorating Concept, Table With Gilded Style For DIY:

Dining table perhaps is the most important furniture in your home, because your relationship to your family and your friends usually spend time together there. So, if you are looking to do your own transformation to your table, this is the right place for you…

  Simple Organizing Room Ways That You Can Do.

Home Design Concept, Clever Display Solution:
Home Design Concept, Clever Display Solution: Home Design Concept, Organized Closet: Home Design Concept, Declutter Your Home: Home Design Concept, Storage Ottoman:

Are you looking for some tips for organizing room? The design of your room may affect your mood when you enter the room. Of course, you want to have the nice and tidy room. There are many ways that you can do to minimize the messy look of your room. Read the details in this article…


FIREPLACE Concept, Fabulous Design Fireplace Mantel Shelf Ideas:
FIREPLACE Concept, Unique Stone Design Fireplace Mantel Shelf Ideas: FIREPLACE Concept, Classic Ideas Design Fireplace Mantel Shelf: FIREPLACE Concept, Great Rock Design Fireplace Mantel Shelf Ideas: FIREPLACE Concept, Wonderful Design Fireplace Mantels Design: FIREPLACE Concept, Fabulous Design Fireplace Mantel Shelf Ideas: FIREPLACE Concept, Modern Contemporary Design Fireplace Mantel Ideas:

Knowing its effect in improving the interior of a house, a fireplace mantel kits appear among the society and get a positive remarks from many people. A set of fireplace mantel parts which is sold from manufacturer, seem to help the homeowners in installing the fireplace mantel easily. It only needs to be put together in a house so you have another alternative instead of buying the conventional one. Not to mention, there are numerous advantages coming from this kit.
Advantages of Fireplace Mantel Kits
Aside from helping the homeowners to install easily, this kit allows you to save money and time. It means you don’t have to buy the materials separately as this kit offers a set of parts needed. Also, you can get the model that is suitable with your budget. It is easy, fast and can do it by yourself since it is pre-cut and pre-assembled. So, what else matters? By getting all the advantages mentioned, it requires less work since all you need to do is putting the parts together. You can also customize the design and colors which is suitable your fireplace.
Tips in Installing Fireplace Mantel Kits
Once you decided to buy fireplace mantel kits, you will receive a guideline of how to install it so you can follow it easily. As additional information, it’s better to use fiber board as a buffer and put it in between the hearth and floors. It is done so that we can avoid the damage on the floors. Then, you can start install the hearth before other layers.
Make sure you read the safety guidelines before placing the kits. Some kits require you to do finishing touch which means you can do it after all the adhesive is dried up. So, start building a fireplace mantel by yourself…


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