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  Bay Windows Design

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Bay windows have become very popular in today’s modern world. It has been used by so many modern or classic homes to create a nice appearance. Bay windows will make your living space feel larger, bigger, and brighter. They will also bring the beauty of your outdoor space inside your home. You’ll be able to experience the fresh and natural outdoor environment from inside your home. The wider your bay window, the more you will experience the vast outdoor space from your couch or dining table. Take a look at your own living space and decide whether your bay windows have a nice design that can help accentuate the natural environment. If you don’t have bay windows yet, this post will definitely show you the pros of them! This post will show you how elegant and striking bay windows are. You will find that there will be beautiful bay windows designs that inspire you to create a new space within your home. Wherever you want bay windows, you can put them, they instantly make the room brighter and appear bigger. Adorning your bay windows create a different, fun and unique twist to your home. Why not add a bay window seat? You can have nice relaxing space to read or watch TV whilst watching your children play outside through the windows. Surely this will become one of your most favorite spaces in your home to relax. See how striking your interior can be when you allow the mesmerizing outside view to shine through your home…

  Beautiful Elegant Purple Kitchens

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Do you love purple? Well, purple represents an elegant and classy personality. And it is completely appropriate for you who love to see real beauty to choose this color. Have you ever thought of applying purple in your kitchen? For those of you who like to spend your free time cooking, I suppose that the kitchen is one of your most desired places at your home. In that case, you are absolutely going to want to design your kitchen to make it perfect. And purple is the right color! Applying it in your culinary space is a great idea. If you think that it will be a little bit strange, reconsider! This color is totally beautiful and there is nothing strange about it. Curious? This post will help you to find out how classy and striking a purple kitchen is. Let us see each of these following pictures. You can find that there are several beautiful elegant purple kitchens which present an extravagant style. Everything is made in purple, starting from the kitchen cabinets to the backsplash, countertop, wall color, flooring, and lighting. All of them really look great. Combining a stunning purple tint with others color such as black, white, silver, yellow, pink, or others make your kitchen magical. So, you will not find only purple in your kitchen, but also a striking combination of wonderful sweet purples with others colors. Additionally, you most definitely don’t need to make everything purple to make your kitchen elegant, a little bit will do the trick if you don’t have a big budget. You can only take one kitchen appliance such as the kitchen cabinet and paint it purple!

  Black And White Decorating Ideas

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There is no doubt that a black and white color scheme will give you an effortless, stylish and elegant look within your home. And if you are a lover of a minimalist look, then black and white decorating ideas will surely be the best for you. There are those who think that a black and white scheme will feel cold in your home, but this is easily changed with a careful addition of color through your accessories. Red is one of the colors which work exceptionally well when used with black and white and can certainly bring a touch of heat to your décor. Think of adding textures as well in the form of large and comfortable pillows in fake fur, satin and silk. These will feel not only warm, but also add a rich and sumptuous feel to your living area. If you are feeling bold, there are many striking black and white wallpapers to choose from these days, but if the thought of black walls strikes fear into your heart, then go for a light gray color on the walls and then cover completely with different black and white pictures. If all of the frames are similar designs, this will give a unified look and pictures can be moved at any time to a different room. Black and white also works very well when used in a bathroom. It is easy to keep clean and again color can be added in the form of towels, face cloths and cheery pictures on the walls. Whichever room you choose to decorate in black and white you will be pleased to find that this classical look will not age and many different styles can be embraced when you simply change the color of the accessories…

  Beautiful Fall Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Do you adore the fall season and would like to encompass that love of nature into your bedroom design? It is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money on making over your bedroom into a stunning and warm space. If you cannot afford to have new paint on the walls or some colored wallpaper, then just think about changing some of the key accessories. Try looking in lots of different stores, and don’t forget to check out your local thrift shop for some super bargains! You can often find some vintage eiderdowns which are not only smart and cosy, but also extremely functional and cheap. Or if you enjoy sewing, then why not make some patchwork design throws in superb fall colors? Look for items such as pillows, cushions and pictures to hang on the walls in a warm color scheme such as orange, yellow, dull russet reds and browns. In order to get that whole ‘outdoors’ feeling you could also take a walk in the woods and see if you can find some twigs or branches which you could tie together with some thick string to create a natural display to place in an earth-colored vase. And it’s also the time of year when pumpkin adornment is very popular, so go with the whole orange theme and maybe place some small ornaments on your table or in a corner of the bedroom. Have some subtle lighting which will produce a glow, rather than a harsh light and your ‘fall’ bedroom will be good to go!

  Bed Sets For Men; Set Your Taste On It

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If you are a single guy then the chances are that you would like to attract a potential partner into your bedroom, right? Well it is crucial for you to create the right impression when someone first walks into your bedroom. Traditional guys may choose to go for a traditional ‘male’ color such as dark blue or black, but there are many styles suitable for you to choose from in order to create a manly, yet sensitive, vibe. You should consider colors that maybe aren’t seen as masculine as such, but can be acceptable to both sexes. Dark purple is one such color which would work, especially when teamed with a touch of silver gray. This combination is seen as rich and opulent and yet still instills a sense of calmness which is required when all you want to do is rest! You can also set a sensual ambiance depending on your choice of materials for bedding and curtains. Think of rich satins and silks, maybe in a dark colorway, but the sensual feeling from such materials is one which cannot be denied or ignored! If you want something simple which will still appeal to both sexes, then think of plain white with a subtle satin stripe which can be teamed with colorful cushions and accessories…

  Beautiful Enclosed Porch Designs

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Many people seem to think that an enclosed porch simply adds a safe entrance to your home, but you are only limited by your own imagination when deciding to have a new enclosed porch. If you have the room why not think about your enclosed porch as being an additional room to your home? It should be possible to create a home office as long as you don’t choose too large a desk. So many people work from home these days that this would surely be a useful addition to your living space. An enclosed porch is also useful to place a small storage table in. Make sure to choose one with a drawer and then you will always have a safe and hidden space to place your door keys. Add a tasteful and stylish table lamp and you will have a warm, comforting and welcoming entrance to your home. Just imagine coming inside from a cold winter’s day to this cosy space! Or you could line the walls of your new enclosed porch with some shelves which will create a super way of having additional storage space available. You can have some stylish boxes to place your items in and then place those on the shelves so that everything looks neat and tidy. Intersperse the storage boxes with some pretty small vases or plants in coordinating colors and your friends will agree that storage has never looked so good!

  Bocci Lighting Increases Quietness Of Night

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Your home décor and ambience can be completely transformed by your choice of lighting. Lighting is an important aspect of any interior design scheme and its importance cannot, (andshould not,) be ignored! Bocci lighting is one of the most innovative designs available and their subtle use of form and color to enhance their designs has resulted in them swiftly becoming something of a design classic. Bocci lights will inspire you to become more adventurous and unique with your interior style and you can be sure that they will impress any visitors to your home. Most people will be impressed by these stunning designs which are available in a range of colors and finishes and will allow you to create different atmospheres in different rooms. An overhead Bocci light is a great idea to light up your dining table, where you would wish to choose a subtle table lamp to light up a dark corner in your sitting area. Whichever style or finish you choose, they are certainly a spectacular addition to any room. You can even place plants in some of their more quirky designs, which will result in you having the effect of overhead planters! Bocci lights are not a design you will see every day which makes them perfect for you if you want to be seen as being different to the run of the mill styles which are all too common these days…

  Charming Kids Play Room Ideas

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Parents are all busy these days, trying to juggle work, grocery shopping and laundry and keeping the children safe and happy at the same time. Life is not easy when you have to juggle all the balls and one way of ensuring that your child is safe and happy is to think about creating a special play room for them to use when you are too busy to join in with playtime. Of course if the weather is fine and you have the time to accompany them, (when they are too young to play out by themselves,) then permitting your children to go out to spend their playtime means they will enjoy the fresh air and atmosphere around them. But what about when the weather is not suitable for outdoors play? If you have available room then it’s a great idea to create a separate play room for your children which will mean that all of the ‘stuff’ them deem to be necessary to their play will be shut away when the door is closed, thus keeping the rest of your home looking super tidy! This also means that they have a place which is theirs and not one for the rest of the family to enjoy, which will encourage their imagination and creativity. Open shelving is a great idea in a play room as this means that the children can quickly see where their toys are and also keeps things off the floor when not being played with. Encourage your children to tidy up after they have finished playing which is good training for the future when they will have their own homes to keep neat. Allow them to help you decide on a color and a theme for the room as they will feel involved and will be more interested in keeping things neat and tidy when they have had a hand in the creation…

  Bright Yellow Kids Room Ideas

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Are you thinking that it’s about time you tried a new color scheme for your child’s bedroom? There is no longer any need to go for the traditional pink or blue color in a child’s room; there are so many more choices available in paints and wallpapers that you will be able to express your child’s personality through the clever use of different colors. But there is one color in particular which will work for both boys and girls, and that is yellow. This is one color which is not only suitable for either sex, but is also one that is guaranteed to lift the spirits and enhance creativity. Children can explore their personalities through play and this is best done in an environment which encourages their imagination. Take your time when choosing the actual shade of yellow and do not go for anything which is too bright on the walls. Bear in mind that your child has to sleep in this room and so make sure that the color is restful as well. You can always go for the really bright, sunshine hues in your choice of accessories. Think of pale walls, and then bright rugs, pictures and wall hangings. Stick-on decals are very popular at the moment and so if you are styling your daughter’s room, look out for designs which are ‘girly’ such as fairies and princesses. If you have a son, then there are many bright yellow cars or Minion styles to choose from. And if you are concerned about how well your child is going to sleep in a bright room, then go for blackout blinds at the windows to cut as much light out as possible during their sleeping time. Many think that blackout means a black fabric, but that is not true; it simply refers to a thick material which is constructed in a certain way to decrease the amount of natural light which comes in. Whatever accessories you choose, you can be sure that your child will love their new ‘sunshine’ bedroom…

  Build Your Own Desk; Create Your Simple Desk

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Without a doubt one of the nicest and finest gifts you could give your child would be to create a hand-made wooden desk for them to do their homework at. This will not just be a gift for the here and now, it will be a gift which will last for many years and one which can be handed down to future generations. If you are not very confident in your carpentry skills, then there are many tutorials you can find online to help you. As long as you have the basic tools available for cutting wood then you should be okay. Of course if you desire a slightly more ornate design, then you can always consult a skilled carpenter to help, or indeed, build, the desk on your behalf. It is also possible to make a larger wooden desk for use in your home office and because this will be a bespoke item, then you can be sure that no-one else will have a design quite the same as yours! You could also have some soft red leather inlaid onto the top to create a luxurious look and you can have the appearance of chairman of the board, even if you are just a clerk! No-one but you will know!

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