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  Fireplace Makeover Ideas; Keep The Warmth On

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Is your fireplace something of an eyesore at the moment and would you like to learn how to create that statement piece you have been yearning for? Whether the fireplace is constructed from brick, stone or drywall, it is possible to create a bold impression with a simple fireplace makeover! During the winter months you not only want to keep warm and cosy in your home, but also have the ability to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere for friends and family when they visit you. If your fireplace has an inset wall to either side of it you could consider hiring a master carpenter to build shelving at each side, which can not only make your fireplace far more of a statement piece, but will also prove invaluable for storage! Another delightful way of updating your existing fireplace is to create a stunning mosaic effect to either side of the aperture with the addition of some colorful tiles secured in place with specialist tile adhesive. Your fireplace can still look stunning even when not in use if you purchase a decorative fireguard. Many styles are available so simply choose one to complement your existing style and décor…

  Freestanding Pantry; Freedom Of Expression

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A freestanding pantry maybe one of the best choices for you if you have no desire for the ‘modern, fitted-kitchen’ look which is so popular these days. Freestanding units can look great in the right place. Imagine for example that you desire a country cottage look; modern fitted kitchen units may not be in keeping with that style. Freestanding pantry units can look fantastic, especially when teamed with natural wood and checked table-cloths, with co-ordinating window covers. Who would not be proud of such an outstanding and trendy look? A freestanding pantry unit is also extremely useful, not only for storage, but also for food preparation, especially if it has a useful counter top or fold-down shelf. And let’s face it; extra storage space is something we all desire these days as we seem to accumulate more and more kitchen gadgets and ‘must-haves’! Team your freestanding pantry unit with traditional styling everywhere else in your kitchen and you can be sure you will have created a welcoming and useful space which truly will be the ‘heart’ of your home!

  French Door Hardware; Solid Durable Things

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French doors are a superb addition to any home, offering flexibility as well as enhanced security. They give you the option of having both doors open to allow sunshine and fresh air into your home which is fabulous when you have a garden party! But obviously as French doors provide an entry to your home, it is essential that you choose the right hardware which will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also offer increased security and protection from unlawful entry. Also think about the future when you choose your handles or knobs. If you are becoming advanced in years, it is essential that you choose the style of door knobs which will be easily opened should you unfortunately develop something akin to arthritis. So consider carefully whether you would like a round knob which is easy to handle or the more traditional straight style. Multi-position mortice locks are some of the most secure available and so this should also be considered when choosing your new French doors…

  Fresh Enchanting Terrace Ideas

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Do you feel that your terrace looks ordinary and plain? If so, You could insert certain designs into your terrace as the terrace is a place in your home where important things take place. The terrace is a place where you and your family come together to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the outdoor environment. The terrace will give you such a joyful place to go within your living environment. If you are interested in designing your terrace, this post will provide you with several ideas of enchanting terrace ideas. You’ll have inspirational ideas for creating a nice space for relaxation. You can see now from the pictures that there are a number of fresh enchanting terrace ideas which have been made creatively. Just by seeing these pictures, you will notice how these terrace ideas can add to the value of your home. These enchanting terrace ideas come with different styles, themes, and color schemes. Try to apply the one which is perfect for your home design, you want to create a feeling of unity in your terrace and house. Insert any kind terrace design you like, anything that gives you inspiration, you have to go with what you like! It’s your house and your terrace after all. Maybe pick some terrace ideas with colorful throw pillows, rainbow sofas, warm fireplaces, or a calm color scheme. You can easily create a peaceful and warm terrace for everyone to enjoy…

  Fun Shower Curtains; The Arched Plastics Curtain

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The main reason for using a shower curtain is obviously to keep the rest of your bathroom dry while you splash around, having fun and getting clean! However, you do not need to be boring when choosing which way to protect your bathroom as there are many fun and unique shower curtains to choose from these days. One of the best materials to use for shower curtains is plastic and this will not soak up excess water and will always look good without too much effort on your part. The first thing to consider is whether you want to complement or contrast with your existing décor. If you wish to complement, then choose a subtle colorway which can be enhanced with an accent color in your choice of towels etc. If you wish to provide a contrast, then consider going to the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, a strong tangerine color would work superbly with plain grey walls. Or purple and lime green can work together extremely well. It is even possible to choose embellished shower curtains for that extra touch of luxury…

  Funny Kids Bathroom Accessories

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Do you want to adorn a kids bathroom? It sounds fun right? It is! Your kids bathroom is a space where your children will clean their body and more important to them, play. All kids love it. In this case, when you decide to design your kids bathroom, you need to prepare everything for them, even for accessories. Kids bathroom accessories are really the most important part of a kids bathroom. They need to be fun, cute, sweet and again, fun! Do you need inspirational ideas for selecting what kind of kids bathroom accessories you should choose. In this post, you are going to see fun and cool kids bathroom accessories which come with a cool design for your little one. The pictures of this post have been selected carefully to inspire you. It has been known that children and kids love to see colors. So, try to apply that idea in all accessories. Your kid will have a great time, mesmerized by the bright colors. Let us take a look at these pictures one by one. First of all, a color scheme which is suitable for your kids bathroom. After that, you just need to insert all bathroom accessories which work for you and your child. Cartoon themed curtain, multicolored towels, flowery wall adornments, fun bathtubs, doll cabinets, soap and shampoo bottle with cartoon or Disney themes, playing box which you can add near the bathtub, and many others. These pictures allows you to get in touch with your childish side and really think about what your kid would want in their bathroom…

  Furniture Made From Pallets; Creative Unique Furniture

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Try thinking out of the box when it comes to acquiring some cool furniture. No longer do you have to pay over the market average to have your home looking like a cool interior designer has had a hand in the décor! One of the most creative and cool ways of creating unique furniture is to acquire some pallets. Many people would think that a simple pallet could not be used as a quality design material, but you may be surprised to learn that this kind of furniture would cost you a lot more should you purchase from a quirky designer, so why not create your own sense of style? You can use pallets for many different purposes, including day beds, chairs and outdoor furniture which would look stunning in a contemporary garden setting. So the next time you see pallets discarded at the side of the road, don’t drive by, stop, stow them in your trunk and think about how you too can look like an up-market designer has chosen your furniture!

  Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors For Sleek Display

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Glass kitchen cabinets have always been very famous in modern interior design world. Many homes with modern kitchen designs have used glass cabinets for creating a sleek, smooth look to your culinary space. Today’s post will show you some smooth glass kitchen cabinets which proves how the sleek use of glass for kitchen cabinet doors can create a wonderful ambiance. There are several pictures of glazing ideas which will really make you inspired to use glass cabinets in your kitchen. Glass cabinets will not only give you the practical function but also look amazing. Take a look at the pictures presented in this post one by one to see how amazing glass kitchen cabinets are. They all come with different designs, sizes and shapes. And they all are very stunning. The most important thing you should really consider when you want to put this sort of glass cabinet in your kitchen is thinking about the size of your culinary space. It is really important to match the cabinet size and your kitchen design. Glass for kitchen cabinet doors is going to make your kitchen look clean and fresh, as well as bigger and brighter. This kind of glass kitchen cabinets can be used in any kitchen design. The main point of using these glass kitchen cabinets is creating a contemporary and clean look. Whatever the design of your kitchen, you can still use glass for your kitchen cabinet doors. Take your pick from the photos below, you’ll be truly inspired!

  Gorgeous Drapes And Curtains Ideas

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Windows without any drapes or curtains look plain, boring and ordinary. The correct choice of drapes or curtains can transform even the most plain and boring room into a cosy atmosphere which you will not wish to move away from! Rich, thick fabrics can also be an ideal choice for keeping a room warm in the winter; it is amazing how much heat is actually lost through your windows and so by choosing well-fitted thick drapes you will also save on your utility bills. If your room faces the sun then think carefully about which patterns you choose for your curtain material as they could easily fade. Try to pay a little more for a good strong material which is likely to last longer and be better value for money. If you have a traditional style in your living areas then why not choose some opulent fabrics and designs for your curtains? Think along the lines of swags and tails, edged with a rich coordinating tassel. Or if you prefer something a little simpler, then go for plain fabrics which match with existing pillows and cushions. If you think that your windows are the ‘eyes’ of your home, then it makes sense to frame them, in much the same way as you would use make-up; do you want them to appear tasteful and subtle, or do you like them to be a little more daring in the use of color? The choice is yours!

  Imaginative Bookshelf Designs

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Designing an interior can be very challenging if we wish for everything we see. Before you come to a decision about changing your interior into a new design, you need to realize that there will be a number of spaces in your home you want to change. Furniture is obviously super important. Interior furniture is going to take a huge role in producing a certain theme for your home. There are many kinds of interior furniture that will make your living space striking. One of those is a home library or reading corner, it will be one of your most favorite spaces at home. You’ll surely need some stylish furniture to go in your most desired space. One crucial piece of furniture is a bookshelf. That’s what we are going to see in this post. Look at these following pictures one by one. These bookshelf designs will inspire your imaginative side and you’ll be dying to enhance your interior design. These bookshelves come with different designs, shapes and arrangements. They all are very wonderful. Take a look at your existing reading corner or decide where you want one. Decide which bookshelf designs in this post are appropriate for your space. There are a unique, imaginative collection of bookshelf designs with round shapes and lively color, able to create a fantastic atmosphere within your living space. There are loads of designs, just take a look!


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